Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's a Sunflower Day

Hi Everyone, 

Want to share a bit of napkin art with you today. Yup, this card is made using a purchased napkin. If you haven't done this technique before I must warn you.....IT IS VERY ADDICTING.

I love sunflowers so chose this napkin. It does have a bit of writing in the background too. The first thing you must do is separate the napkin layers; usually there is 2-3. All you want to keep is the layer with the image. I cut a piece of mat board the size wanted, but you could use chipboard or heavy card stock. Cut the napkin image piece about 1/2" larger than the piece of mat board. Brush PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) onto the mat board and lay on the napkin. Angle cut the corners of the napkin to remove some of the bulk. Now cover the top of the napkin with the PPA, turn over, brush around all four sides of the back and then use your brush to bring the napkin edges to the back. Brush over to smooth out. I hold in my hand while I am doing the entire procedure.

At this time if you want to sprinkle on tiny mica chips, glitter, etc. do so while this is still wet. Set aside to dry.  If you look at this card, in the right bottom corner you will see a silhouette. This is a die cut I added from black card stock....underneath the napkin! 

Once dry, and it takes several hours, you can stamp on it. I matted this image onto a black mat, then onto a yellow base which I stamped onto using a script stamp.  

PPA is my go-to medium for collage and protecting projects from the sun and water. It's like putting a little raincoat on your project. If you'd like to check it out, click HERE. 

Tuesday Morning is a great place to pick up great napkins at a good price. 

If you decide to give this a try, please let me know. I'd love to see what you create and how you like working with the napkins. 

PS:  I usually work on a craft sheet due to the adhesive use. You can also cut a
bag from Archiver's to set your art on to dry. Recycling is a good thing :) 

Thanks for stopping by and I love comments. Have a great day.  Linda K

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