Monday, October 14, 2013

Stamp Club Challenge

Hi everyone. 

We had another challenge in stamp club and the theme was "spaghetti and meatballs". It was so much fun to see what everyone's take was on this so I took a picture of each project and I am sharing them with you. Hope you enjoy. OK, here we go.....

This is Glenda's hilarious take on the challenge. She has such a fun view on everything she makes so this didn't surprise me one bit and sure gave everyone a good laugh! 

This is a card and "tag" by Janice. She even drew her veggies on the tag. Good work girlfriend. The card she made reminded her of the colors found in spaghetti and meatballs and yet has a nice fall theme.
Well what goes best with spaghetti and meatballs?  Wine, of course. This is Stephanie's take on the challenge. Even the background paper has the spaghetti and meatball colors in it. We all got a kick out of her sentiment that was perfect for this card.
Wouldn't you just love it sit down at this table for the evening? The checked tablecloth actually pops off the card. And oh, I do love a good martini ")  The plate of spaghetti was done with tiny circle punches in brown, red ink splashed over and a white string squiggled among the "meatballs".  It's a master piece created by Julie. 
How cool is this card? It has meatballs all over it with a splash of sauce. This was created by Martha. 

See all the spaghetti swirled all over the embossed background? And the sauce and meatballs are represented by the reds in the flowers and the rusty arrow and mat. And you can't forget the parsley stems. This super card was created by Retta.

This is my take on the challenge. I used a Just for Fun stamp for the "plate" upon which the meatball flowers are sitting. The black checks are the tablecloth and the green leafs are the parsley. I found a menu in an old cookbook that I picked up at a thrift sale and it was falling apart. The menu actually had spaghetti and meatballs listed as a Dinner item. The book is actually copyright 1896, titled The Chicago Record Cook Book. Seasonable Inexpensive Bills of Fare for Every Day in the Year.  I started reading some of the recipes and was amazed at the good sounding meals. Everyday there is a menu and recipes for breakfast, luncheon and dinner. I'm enjoying going through this book. 

This is a closer look at what the menu for the day included; as you can see, it must have been a good one as there is "sauce" dripped all over it :)

I hope you enjoyed sharing our stamp club (The Rubber Band) challenge with us. I will post another challenge as we are meeting tonight and the challenge is DOILIES. Glenda found some old paper doilies at a sale and shared them with each of us. We'll see how many of us actually used one of these old doilies on their project or opted to keep them and use a current-day doily.  I know I DID.

Thanks so much for stopping by. "See" you soon. 


  1. I love that tablecloth!!! And the old book page is really cool. I'm always impressed by those that can think outside the meatball!